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Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is about a wretched perfomance of my acoustic band, dating Dec 5th 2009, where we had a bit of trouble with the audience. The audience, in fact, had not been there, and we got quite upset about having to play for a non-existing audience. Apparently the Christmas Market was far more interesting than us and my cynical mind might even be ready to admit that our potential audience might have been right on the spot...

Nevertheless, I'm going to present a recording from yesterday's session, just for the sake of finding something at all to publish from this session. It's a song I wrote quite some time ago. In my opinion it's a hit, but I don't manage to get in a live performance that matches the expectations I'm having towards this song...

Anyway, it's NOT about substance abuse in Frankfurt's parks, I swear it's not ((-:

1 comment:

  1. Hi Oliver,

    great song! I already like your music, although it's the first song I heard from you.

    And btw good idea to write a blog in English.