This blog is about a wide range of topics, their common denominator being simply that I'm interested in them. My aim is to relieve my friends of my constant lecturing about such things as e.g. Chess, Football, Languages or Scandinavian Music ...

I appreciate readers' comments, no matter whether they are in English or German or any other language I'm finding myself able to understand.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Revilopedia? Why?

I already registered this blog about two years ago but I have lacked since the incentives to actually use it - up until a couple of weeks ago, when blogs authored by friends of mine suddenly began to spring up like mushrooms.

Contrary to the blogs of my friends, I'm going to write in English. This could of course lead to a bigger audience than sticking to my native German, but I'm more into the writing practice thing here. Also I might be able to win some of my English speaking friends as regular readers.

As I've already stated in the welcome message at the top, I don't mind comments being in another language than English. Quite the contrary! I'll surely appreciate comments from a wide range of readers and the diversity that this will bring about.

That's it for starters - I hope you'll enjoy this undertaking!


  1. Hooray, my brother's letting go of RL :D

  2. Pretty ambitioned to start a blog in english. But I am sure if one can do it, you're the man!

  3. To see you blogging here was a little suprise to me - let's have fun and see what you're doin'.