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Friday, February 5, 2010

Charly Records

These are turbulent times and recently I'm hardly finding time and leisure to post here. Matters will hopefully improve pretty soon but right now time is rare and precious and reasons are plentyful.

To start with I am now nearing the completion of my next to last thesis at university. This will be followed by my last examination and last but not least my diploma thesis, so that I'll hopefully be through that plight called studying by the late summer.

In addition to that a quick crush at chess in a cup match against SV Kelsterbach led to the discovery of new hobby. How is that? Well, after my opponent blundered a piece and resigned after 15 minutes of play, I got into discussion about the game of go with one of the kibitzing players. It was then quickly decided that he go and bring his go set and thus I played my first game right away.

I had already known the rules for some time then but that doesn't help much in the beginning. Imagine you only knew some chess basics and wanted to play a against a club player... Well, I therefore began to read what I could get my hands on about the game right the next day.

Finally, I've also been to the studios (-: That is to say I recorded two of my songs at my brother's place to produce what'll be called the Charly Records EP. Ralph and I are determined to write some more songs in the near future in order to come close to something that might rightfully be called an album.

Tomorrow we're going to perform again at Celtic Garden and whoever dares to find their way to the gig will have a chance to get one of the roughly 20 CDs that we're going to have with us. You could also listen to the stuff on YouTube (see the links below) but the quality of the CD will be much better, let me tell you! (-:

So that's it again. I hope this will be the first of a more frequent succession of posts. Cheers!

Tourettes - Untitled (2010)

Tourettes - Black Beauty (2010)

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  1. Heya, even though I could not be at the Celtic Garden yesterday I'd like to have a record if there is one left. Can you save it for me, please? My exams are done on thursday and I will have a lot of time to fetch it from your's ;-)